6. 3. 2017 - The third phase of a successful project called „IT talent“ has been launched

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With the participation of 13 lecturers and selected talented high school students of Olomouc Region, the third phase of the project "IT talent“ started yesterday, March 6. The project is organized by the BEA 4 Junior o.p.s. which is known by its new name  BEACPP4OK as of 1 March 2017. Patronage over the project took a leading Czech IT company TESCO SW a.s.

IT talent will continue until mid-June, when it will be completed with knowledge test.. On the basis of passing the test, students will receive a certificate that will be their added value in future studies or, for example, on the labor market.

Project IT talent is one of the products of long-term cooperation between organizations TESCO SW, Moravian College Olomouc, Labor and Entrepreneurship Center and BEA campus Olomouc supporting creativity and entrepreneurship of young people in our region.