Information system Korund+ is a modular solution for maintenance planning and management, including complete technical records of asset management, maintenance of all facilities operated by the user, monitoring and evaluation of maintenance work and management of human resources.

Korund+ enables to streamline operations by applying elements of operational, preventive and predictive maintenance, and continuously monitor and evaluate the costs and the overall efficiency of the device.

Korund+ is supplemented by mobile application Maintenance to work directly in the field.

Solution benefits

  • Complete maintenance records and identification of objects, processes and resources (production facilities, equipment, operating procedures, standards, spare parts, employees, ...).
  • Full support for all phases of maintenance, repair and reconstruction (preparation, implementation, evaluation, optimization).
  • comprehensive management of all phases of maintenance work (cost estimates, material security, management of own and external resources, ...).
  • methodological, technological and information feedback on the manufacturing process.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the cost of maintenance work (material and labor costs, the link to invoicing and accounting, reports generation, ...).
  • Open solution capable of connection to production management systems, technical diagnostics, data acquisition, communication, etc.


Architecture of Korund+ is designed as three tier, when individual levels are mutually integrated into functional whole:

  • presentation layer: MS Silverlight
  • database layer: Oracle or MS SQL Server
  • application layer: MS. NET

Mobile application module Maintenance:

  • Compatibility with the mobile operating system Android.
  • Application developed using technology platform HTML5.

Reference projects

  • EKOVA Electric
  • Transport Ostrava
  • North Bohemian Water Supply and Sewerage

Attached documents

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