Information System FaMa+ EAI is a solution for internal and external data and process integration (MS BizTalk product) of stand-alone data services based IS with the appropriate connectors, possessing a unified interface for configuring user processes and wide variety of administration options.

Information System FaMa+ EAI is used in most government institutions.

Modules / Solution areas

Integration bus

Solution benefits

  • FaMa+ EAI is an integration bus that will link your current systems and ensure secure sharing of data according to your internal processes.
  • It interconnects your systems and the national registries like the Register of persons, Register of inhabitants, Register of territorial identification, addresses and real estate, Insolvency register, ARES, ICU/KAAS, banks, etc.
  • The transferred data can be online transformed, aggregated or enriched by data from other systems.
  • It eliminates repetitive entry of the same data into multiple information systems and its error rate (economic, personal, attendance, production, inventory, etc.).
  • Greater work efficiency of employees, the data flows immediately, they are correct and up-to-date.
  • A wide range of ready-made connectors on the systems of various suppliers.
  • An option to produce a customized connector to a specific system that you already use.
  • Connectors to systems can be implemented on a wide range of technologies (SQL, Web services, etc.).


FaMa+ EAI is a Web application built on Microsoft SilverLight and Microsoft BizTalk Server in the current 2013 version and is made available to the user via an Internet browser.

Reference projects

  • Akcenta CZ, a.s.
  • Regional Authority of the Hradec Králové region
  • Regional Authority of the Karlovy Vary region
  • Regional Authority of the Olomouc Region
  • Regional Authority of the Pardubice region
  • Regional Authority of the Moravian-Silesian region
  • Ministry for regional development of the Czech republic
  • Statutory City of Přerov

Attached documents

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